Winter Soulstice/Winter Solstice 2017

2017 has been the “Year of Grand Reactions.”

      It’s been an exhausting year of lies, fears, betrayals,  and injustices.  In disbelief…then in resignation,  we’ve witnessed the unsavory and unsound practices of the most powerful politicians on the planet.  Actions of a few are negatively impacting all of us.  We are relentlessly bombarded with bad news, driving us to the point of living in a state of constant fear.  We are being conditioned to believing the worst about everyone and everything. We are told our salvation and success lies in sheer military might, but history tells us differently.  Do we remember the lessons of the past?

    On this shortest day and the  longest dark night, the Winter Solstice  in the Northern Hemisphere invites us to slow down our busy lives and and take the time to breathe, look inward and remember…and then decide which memories are worth keeping, while discarding the memories that no longer serve us.  On December 21, 2017, let us take the time to look inward, and remember: to reflect on “what is,” and to then envision what we would like “to be.”  We CAN change the course of things for the better, if we  can put our fears aside and consciously decide on how we are to live.

Rosemary for Remembrance

     This magical herb from the Mediterranean is a very helpful memory aid.  Since ancient times, rosemary has been know to boost one’s memory, simply by sniffing.  The health benefits of rosemary are many:  it can also improve mood, relieve pain, protect the immune system, reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, detoxify the body, prevent premature aging, heal skin conditions and protect the body from bacterial infections. As you can see, rosemary does more than make food taste delicious!

                                 photo courtesy of Pinterest



ROSEMARY Winter Soulstice Remembrance Cleansing                          what you will use


  1. notebook and writing instrument
  2. white sage or natural tobacco
  3. white candles
  4. warm bath with epsom salts and essential oil of rosemary, rosemary sprigs
  5. peppermint tea (for internal heat)
  6. Burn white sage and allow smoke to fill the space, cleansing you and your area of negative energy. Bless yourself, and your surroundings. Give thanks.
  7. Draw warm bathwater, using epsom salts and essential oil of rosemary.  If you have fresh rosemary, crush sprigs and toss into your bath.  Allow the aroma of rosemary to fill the room.
  8. Light and carefully arrange candles around the bathtub.
  9. Create a space for your cup of tea, and for your notebook.
  10. Relax and luxuriate in the bathwater.  Allow the aroma of rosemary to envelope you.
  11. Do you remember who YOU are?  Ask yourself a series of questions and write down your answers:   ♥At my core, am I the same person inside, that I was as a  child?    ♥What are some of  most important lessons I’ve learned?   ♥What do I believe about myself and the world?  ♥Am I consciously dreaming my own reality, or am I simply reacting to the chaos that surrounds me?    ♥Am I kind? (considerate, helpful, compassionate)     ♥Do I know how to give love and receive love?   ♥Do I use my free will?    ♥Do I feel connected?
  12. Reflect on your answers, then BELIEVE and SPEAK positive words into the darkness of the Solstice night. Positive words plant positive seeds for your new powerful reality.       Asé! Amen! And So It Is!
  13. As you exit the bathtub, envision your troubles, doubts and fears flowing down the drain along with the water.  Asé! Amen! And So It Is!

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  1. beverly j. miles

    Yvie, your genius is just that!!!! Always, thought-provoking and truly inspirational! Thank you for being part of my family. We share your wisdom and your beautiful way of being in the world with the vast others– as we must. But you are truly mine, ours and we are blessed beyond adequate expression, indeed.

    Thank you for the solstice tips. I will need to keep a couple of bushes of Rosemary in my garden. Remember when Joseph and I used to have several bushes in our back yard in Fremont? I used it to make everything from butter to Jams to sauces to sachets to freshen rooms and drawers. Little did I know the clarity it held for us. Finally, Kathleen and Al, oomph, oomph, oomph, the best Xmas song ever…. well, along with Lombardi’s Xmas Time is Here! Thank you for this wonderfilled reflection, Yvie.

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