Which Seeds Are You Sprouting this Spring?

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Which Seeds Are You Sprouting this Spring?


The Spring Equinox is nearly upon us–one of the two times in a year when light is equal to dark. Balanced energies…Yin and Yang. Creation happens in the dark; Manifestation during the light. When Spring arrives on  March 20th, She opens the door of new beginnings and fresh thoughts as Aries, the Ram symbolizes the start of the Astrological year.   Spring brings forth dazzling new growth as the energy of creation awakens seeds that have been lying dormant in the dark Earth during the Fall and Winter months.   In a few days, the season changes…which seeds of life are you sprouting? What will you manifest during the days of light?

Spring Equinox 2017 Soul Prescription  

In a quiet space, in the early morning hours, use this Soul Prescription to help you get centered, Spirit-filled and energized!

Morning Affirmation:   “I love life and life loves me!”

Tea:  Tulsi.   For thousands of years, Tulsi (Ocimum tenuifl orum), a plant native to India, has been sacred to people in south Asia. Also known as “Holy Basil” or “The Queen of Herbs,” it is often incorporated into ayurvedic medicine and homeopathic remedies for reducing stress, boosting immunity, promoting a healthy metabolism, and soothing cough and cold symptoms. In Hinduism it is used in prayers for health and prosperity.  Tulsi has delicious flavor notes of citrus, mint, cinnamon, pepper and clove.  Steep tea for 5-10 minutes. Tulsi does not contain caffeine.  Can’t find Tulsi?  Contact me.

Music Primavera  (Spring) by Santana


Journal – Jot down a few thoughts of gratitude.

Bless yourself. Bless your people.  Bless the animals. Bless the Insects. Bless the Earth.  BLESS.



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