Soul Prescription Journeys

positive therapeutic touch. energy shifting. music. ritual & ceremony. tea. love.

  1. Soul Prescription Journeys  Drift away to a destination of peace and relaxation…let your customized  musical soundtrack free your mind as my gliding strokes of firm and gentle pressure take you on a journey to your soul/higher self.

        let the music take you away…

  …as your spirit soars

     to a place of peace & relaxation.

the details: hydrotherapy (foot soak) ♥ aromatherapy ♥candles, rose quartz  crystal-infused water, organic non-gmo  herbal tea, custom musical soundtrack, full body massage featuring  (r)Evolutionary touch utilizing elements of swedish massage, loving hands, deep tissue, lomi-lomi, curanderismo, & thai massage on the table touch modalities. Your Soul Prescription Journey concludes with organic, delicious non-gmo refreshment.

session of two hours is $160


  “Create your desired reality. “

Manifestation Full-Body Meditation   ♥  Set your intent, speak your affirmation and enter a soothing full-body meditation. Inspired massage therapy techniques releases the effects of everyday stressors,  while relaxation allows you the mind-space to imagine and design your desired living experiences.

the details: aromatherapy, candles,  rose quartz crystal-infused water, organic non-gmo herbal tea, custom musical soundtrack, full body massage, body blessing, affirmation & mindful meditation, cleansing/smudge with white sage, visioning activity, and post-massage organic,  non-gmo vegetarian refreshment.

session of one hour and a half hours ~ $160