Soul Prescription for July: Get Free!


Dear People of the Sun! I Bring Affirmations of FREEDOM for All My Relations!  May We Be:


FREE to Love. How and Who.

FREE to Live in Peace.

FREE from the threat of war and violence.

FREE to stand up, speak up, act up for justice.

FREE to access the live-sustaining resources of Earth: clean air, clean water, clean food, clean medicine. Safe shelter.

FREE to travel beyond artificial boundaries.

FREE to create sustainable communities.

FREE to Honor Our Ancestors.


♥ Summer Soul Prescription 2018:

Eat Watermelons…with Black Seeds!

In addition to being delicious, the health benefits of watermelons are impressive and numerous:

1. a source of water and energy

2. helps support healthy heart functions

3. helps prevent cancer

4. macular degeneration

5. manages diabetes

6. helps eradicates inflammation

7. helps balance the body’s pH levels

8. helps with weight loss

9. helps sexual impotence

10. helps reduce the severity of asthma attacks

Seeds in fruits carry life energy.  The absence of seeds indicate (to me), a lack of vitality in the food.

And…this part is important:

Self love. Make love. Be love…and Get FREE!

Happy Summer!


  1. My sister: Thank you so much for this message. In this day and age, under this government, with the circumstances we face FREEDOM is as important as the air we breathe.

    Freedom first,
    Yeye Teish

  2. Maureen William

    That music was awesome, thanks for sharing.

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