Soul Prescription for August 24-26th 2018: We Gone-a Have-a Funky Good Time!

While contemplating life’s annoyances; specifically the increasingly  aggressive and erratic drivers on the packed highways and interstates of metro Atlanta this week, I choked back the urge to shift into road-rage behavior, stifled my urge to shout and cuss everybody out, took a deep breath, and clicked shuffle on my Spotify library of songs.

The ancestors were watching out for me and did not let me down. The unmistakable sound of Soul Brother #1, James Brown blasted from the car speakers, “Hit it.”

Next thing I knew, I’d completely forgotten about the cars inching along beside me.  I fell into this soulful groove, singing along, “We gonna have a funky good time!  we gotta  have a funky good time!  We gotta take ya hi-i-i-igher!” [rhythm section:  den den den den-uhn! den den den den-uhn!]

I chanted and jammed and grooved for 10 solid minutes as the soulful sounds of the J.B.s became my mantra for funky well-being! I was smiling instead of frowning, my cares drifted away as I repeated “we gotta take ya hi-i-i-i-gher!!  [rhythm section:  den den den den-uhn! den den den den-uhn!]

The power of soul changed my outlook and consequently, my attitude.  That 55 minute ride didn’t seem so bad, after all.  I had time to notice how beautiful the late summer trees are.  I felt extra swaggadocious rocking my head from left to the right while shouting “we gotta take ya hi-i-i-igher!” at the top of my lungs.  I sipped on my coconut water and marveled at how refreshing it tasted.  A smile graced my face as I no longer felt the need to side-eye or judge my fellow commuters’ driving habits.  My breathing stabilized and deepened. By the end of the song, I felt calm and relaxed, like I’d just finished meditating…yeah… that ‘s right—a funky meditation!

Feeling down? Anxious or upset? Try my Soul Prescription!  You want to slip into a better state of being during your daily commute?  I dare you to chant along with “Doing It to Death,”  by one of the masters, James Brown, the Godfather of Soul.  I promise you—you WILL will feel better!



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