Soul Prescription: BLACKNIFICENCE


Love-filled Black History Month Greetings!


It’s already February 2019, and the energies have been high…lots of turbulence in the international world of politics, rapid changes, new ancestors, uncertainty.

This Black History Month, I am reminded of the courageous, resilient, sensible, capable, loving, talented,  beautiful strong, adaptable, creative brilliant people I come from!

Thank you Ancestors for your Example! Thank you Ancestors for your Protection! Aśe and A’ho!

Giving thanks, always.

Love, Yvonne

Soul Prescription for Self-Love and Strong Immune System:

Vitamin C – CitrusTea (lemon/orange tea), raw honey or agave.

Positive Self Talk- Tell yourself you love yourself—and say it out loud to yourself like you mean it–THEN MEAN IT!!!  Give thanks for your servant, the body; give thanks for your spirit; your mind; your health, your life. Acknowledge your strengths, your character, your ability to love. Look in the mirror. Smile at yourself.

Fresh Air- Take a walk, if you are able. Sit outside and breathe deeply.

Listen to my BLACKNIFICENCE Soundtrack over and over again. Feel the Blacknificence. Feel BLACKNIFICENTLY:

Practice Positive Touch. Give a hug. Receive a hug. Contact me for healing touch.




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