Shake That Load Off: Be You, You-niquely

Soul Prescription for Your Commute

July 19 – July 26th 2019

Shake That Load Off…and Other Themes of  Decolonization!

I created this playlist to accompany the healing, soul prescription journeys shared with some of my favorite artists-in-residence yesterday at my monthly wellness day at the ArtsXchange, a wonderful cultural community center located in East Point, GA.

This playlist resonated with the artists who received my care, and they told me so, with added insights about the powerful impact of some of the selections featured on the playlist had on them.

I’m always thrilled when the musical therapy is in sync with the touch medicine and energetic direction of the journey!  I listened to the playlist again on my commute home, and was pleased at how clear my mind was, how alertly relaxed I felt…with, miraculously no impulses to cuss out impatient and reckless drivers.

So, the very next time you must brave the traffic, just grab your favorite hydrating beverage, sync this playlist with your ride, take some deep breaths, give thanks for all that is and groove on this playlist  as you join the flow of people on the daily commute.

Work from home? Grab your favorite hydrating beverage, push play, take some deep breaths and groove on this as you experience your environment.

Take some time to look inside yourself. What do you see?  Take some time to look outside yourself.  What do you see?

Is the script you use to describe yourself up to date? Has your SENSE of SELF evolved alongside your evident self development?  Consciously, positively update your personal script–the thoughts you THINK about yourself as well as the words you SPEAK about yourself, as well as the emotions you FEEL about yourself.

Love to You and Your People!


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