Reflections on the Healing Aspects of BobfestATL 2019

Last month, February 2019, I had the distinct honor of adding my energy to the dynamic festival that is BobfestATL, an epic series of cultural events spanning over a month, inspired by and honoring musical prophet Robert Nesta Marley.

The event I hosted, “Redemption Song: Practical Tools for Mental Wellness,” held at the Auburn Avenue Research Library in Atlanta, Georgia featured healers,

including myself, who offered helpful self-care/self-love strategies and techniques, as well as recommendations for fostering a healthy sense of self.

BobFestATL Awards Ceremony

BobFestATL represents the spirit of  community in action,  a healing balm expressed through the lens of  culture, heritage, spirit, the arts, knowledge, empowerment, revolution and freedom.

Goodwill and Agape Love for the People were evident at each BobFestATL activity… all one needed to do was to show up with an open heart, and be ready to receive the blessings of the community.  Festival participants, the talent,  vendors and attendees combined their positive energies to create a loving, enjoyable, multi-generational experience for all who were present!

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