New Moon in Aries Ritual 5 April 2019

Ready to move forward, ready to forge ahead with your dreams?

Have you made the decision to step into your purpose? This New Moon in Aries, tonight, 5 April–the first new moon of Spring is ripe with the promise  of dynamic forward movement and success…but how badly do you want it?

Staring down your fears and assertively pushing past any insecurities that have been holding you hostage is the key to rapid evolution this moon cycle. Success is certain if you persevere through the challenges that will begin to appear this month to question your resolve to progress and evolve.

Stand or Sit quietly under the darkness of the New Moon

Breathe deeply 3 times. Clear your mind. Feel peace.  Give thanks. Light your candle. State your affirmation. Call on your ancestors. Give thanks. Listen to music selection. Breathe deeply 3 times. Give thanks.

What you will need:

Glass of water

White candle

Affirmation:  I state my soul’s desire: I Am / I Want / I Will…

Ask Ancestors for Assistance in achieving and living your soul’s desire:

I call upon my benevolent ancestor(s) [separately, by name, and pour water after calling each name]  to help strengthen me, to move obstacles from my path, to protect me as I move forward in my purpose! I give thanks!  Ase and Amen!

State your Affirmation daily. Know that challenges will arise, but know that your ancestors have your back…stay on your path!

Check in with yourself at the full moon April 19th, and chart your progress!





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