Mindful Community Project

positive therapeutic touch. energy shifting. music. ritual & ceremony. tea. love.

                                                                 Community-Based Education for People

The mindful community project promotes effective leadership skills, positive character development, and community responsibility to people, including under-served youth and adults.

We partner with individuals, community organizations, business, government and educational institutions to deliver sustainable education programs:

♥ The mindful community project: Career and Personal Purpose Training  mindful community circle

♥ Mindfulness Meditation

♥ Community Garden Projects for Home and School

♥ Community Out-Reach Opportunities

♥ MY POWER-GIRL POWER! Learning Experiences

Communities Served in Metro Atlanta:

  • The Agape Center
  • Rockdale School System, Rockdale County, GA
  • Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Academy, Atlanta, GA
  • SisterLove, Inc., Atlanta, GA
  • Georgia State University
  • Metro Atlanta Youth

Communities Served Beyond:

  • The Bermuda Department of Labor, Hamilton, Bermuda
  • San Jose Unified School District, CA

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