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What is (r)Evolutionary Positive Therapeutic Touch?  

(r)Evolutionary Sacred Therapeutic Touch equals Healing Touch.  This healing practice is (r)Evolutionary because negative, stagnant and painful energies are shifted and transformed, creating a positive, healing state of being and feeling.

Why is (r)Evolutionary Positive Therapeutic Touch beneficial?

The benefits of (r)evolutionary positive touch include stress reduction and relaxation. Healing energy flow.  Relief from sore and aching muscles and joints. Detoxification.  A feeling of confidence,  well-being and connection.

Why is a (complimentary) consultation necessary for first time clients?  Each client is special, with individualized needs. It is important to gather the information relevant to creating a customized session, especially for the client.

Why must I pay a $25 booking fee for a session?  Each session is customized to the individual’s requirements and intentions of manifestation. The remedies and resources supporting the healing process are heart-fully and mindfully prepared for each client. Rest assured, the booking fee is applied to the service provided!

Do you do out-calls?  I provide on-site wellness programs and services for groups and organizations.

In addition to (r)Evolutionary Positive Touch Therapies, what other healing services do you provide?  I blend and sell custom herbal teas, handcrafted organic and crystal-infused remedies; soul prescriptions™;  I conduct non-profit and corporate organizational wellness and self-care retreats and ceremonies.  I perform cleanses/limpias for the self, home and business;  I am a spiritual confidante and muse.

Which methods of payments are accepted? –  I am happy to accept Cash/USD$, CashApp ($yrosegarden) VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover