Come to the River—I Am Water, Water is Life

Water falls, flows and ripples and cascades in rain, streams, creeks, lakes, ponds, rivers, waterfalls and oceans. Life on this planet cannot sustain itself without water, ever-recycling and reproducing as liquid or solid. She is strong and fierce in the form of a typhoon; gentle and delicate as  the early morning mist over a garden.  She constitutes 70% of my physical body.  She sustains me, nourishes me. She regulates my systems. Water moves through my body to cleanse me of toxins.

 I am Water.  Water is Life.  I Give Thanks.

Yemoja.    Oshun.     Namakaokaha`i.

I express my emotions with water:

  • Water is apt to fill my eyes when I feel joy.
  • Water is apt to feel my eyes when I feel grateful.
  • Water is apt to fill my eyes when I feel empathy.
  • Water is apt to fill my eyes when I feel and experience love.
  • Water will issue forth from my body when I feel orgasmic.
  • Water is apt to seep through my pores when I feel my parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, “fight or flight.”
  • Water is apt to seep through my pores when I feel overheated, to help cool my body temperature.
  • Water is apt to fall from my eyes when I feel physical and emotional pain.
  • Water is apt to fall from my eyes to protect me—to keep me from committing murderous acts when faced with gross injustices.  In that mindspace, without the protective signal of watering eyes, and conscious thought, I am apt to express my aquability like a tornado—powerful and turbulent, unpredictable, indiscriminately destructive, without thoughts of consequences.  I give thanks for protection!

I Am Water. Water is Life.

  Mami Wata.  Atabey.  Tefnut. Nāmaka.  Ganga.    

During a recent visit to sacred water in the north Georgia mountains, at the beginning (or end) of the Appalachian Trail, I stood in the awe, face to face with a beautiful cascading waterfall. Tears of joy came to my eyes as I felt the waters swirling around my calves. I felt the water…not just the sensation of the wetness on my skin—I felt the water at the core of my being and my connection to her, and to all of nature she supports.

Oya/Iañsa.    Ezili.   Chalchiuhtlicue.  Sedzibwa.  

This space was magical—we the people who gathered there, individually, in pairs, and in groups of three—people who, on the surface, seemed to have little in common, collectively experienced the Spirit of Oneness. The power of the water cascading into the intimate swimming hole exuded a peaceful vibe that we all tuned in to. It was One Love, One Perfect Love in those moments, a sense of what is indeed possible in this world when we allow ourselves to immerse ourselves in the beauty that is peace without the threat of fear.

As I gave thanks—-to the water, for the water, I remembered the water keepers of Standing Rock, the water activists of Flint, Michigan, the water protectors of the Amazon, and the water keepers all over the world; I felt strengthened, I was uplifted. I felt CONNECTED.

I left my offerings of rose petals, tobacco, sweet words, and sage for the Water.  I vowed to be a more conscious protector of water, a more conscious consumer of water, to show more respect for my life-sustainer, the life-sustainer of us all.


On the short hike back to the truck, with gratitude filling my spirit, I received a message, “When water is still, shallow and stagnant, it is a puddle…landlocked, subject to dry up and fade away… You, like water, as water,  must stay vibrant, keep moving, stay fresh in mind and body.”  I smiled to myself, thankful, because my automatic response was, “I Am Water. Water is Life!”

Anuket.     Nammu Namuu.    Sedna.

Yes…the entire way home, and the days since, these words reverberated in my entire being,“I Am Water. Water is Life.

SOUL PRESCRIPTION:  Visit a body of water. Sit still, breathe deeply until you feel yourself relax. Clear your mind and feel the presence of the water.  Touch the water. Speak words of love and gratitude to the water. Give thanks and receive the gift of peace that water can share.

If there is no body of water accessible to you, place a clean glass or ceramic receptacle of clear water on your altar. Sit still, breathe deeply until you feel yourself relax. Clear your mind and be conscious of the presence of the water. Speak words of love and gratitude to the water.  Give thanks and share the gift of that blessed water with your garden.

Always, With Love



  1. Thank you, Yvonne. “I am water. Water is life.” I am grateful for this reminder. I will keep moving, stay vibrant and fresh in mind and body.

  2. Colleen

    Oh sis…thank you for this. I so appreciated it. Love you.

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