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When You Feel Like Self-Isolating

I FEEL GOOD!! When daily stressors seem to be increasing, sometimes self-isolation is the perfect soul-ution! Gather the things that are comforting to you and listen to this soundtrack as you engage in good-feeling activities in the coziness of your personal space: MAKE LOVE. DANCE. COOK A MEAL. READ A BOOK. ENJOY YOUR CHILDREN. EAT…
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Soul Prescription – 21 Minute Musical Meditation

Now that we’ve gotten the first week of the year 2020 under our belts, let’s take a collective deep breath and smile internally. Put this 21 minute musical meditation on while you are driving in traffic and prepare to bob your head up and down. SHIFT THAT ENERGY!      

Shake That Load Off: Be You, You-niquely

Soul Prescription for Your Commute July 19 – July 26th 2019 Shake That Load Off…and Other Themes of  Decolonization! I created this playlist to accompany the healing, soul prescription journeys shared with some of my favorite artists-in-residence yesterday at my monthly wellness day at the ArtsXchange, a wonderful cultural community center located in East Point,…
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All Power to the People!

Who are we? How are we…without our Mother, the Earth?  As we give thanks for our home, with resources for our every need, let us move forward, in reverence. Some tips to help us respect the land, water, trees and all above and below: 1.  Remember the old school slogan “Give a hoot, don’t pollute!”…
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New Moon in Aries Ritual 5 April 2019

Ready to move forward, ready to forge ahead with your dreams? Have you made the decision to step into your purpose? This New Moon in Aries, tonight, 5 April–the first new moon of Spring is ripe with the promise  of dynamic forward movement and success…but how badly do you want it? Staring down your fears…
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Reflections on the Healing Aspects of BobfestATL 2019

Last month, February 2019, I had the distinct honor of adding my energy to the dynamic festival that is BobfestATL, an epic series of cultural events spanning over a month, inspired by and honoring musical prophet Robert Nesta Marley. The event I hosted, “Redemption Song: Practical Tools for Mental Wellness,” held at the Auburn Avenue…
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Soul Prescription: BLACKNIFICENCE

LIVING  BLACKNIFICENTLY Love-filled Black History Month Greetings!   It’s already February 2019, and the energies have been high…lots of turbulence in the international world of politics, rapid changes, new ancestors, uncertainty. This Black History Month, I am reminded of the courageous, resilient, sensible, capable, loving, talented,  beautiful strong, adaptable, creative brilliant people I come from!…
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Soul Prescription for August 24-26th 2018: We Gone-a Have-a Funky Good Time!

While contemplating life’s annoyances; specifically the increasingly  aggressive and erratic drivers on the packed highways and interstates of metro Atlanta this week, I choked back the urge to shift into road-rage behavior, stifled my urge to shout and cuss everybody out, took a deep breath, and clicked shuffle on my Spotify library of songs. The…
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