All Power to the People!

Who are we? How are we…without our Mother, the Earth?  As we give thanks for our home, with resources for our every need, let us move forward, in reverence. Some tips to help us respect the land, water, trees and all above and below:

1.  Remember the old school slogan “Give a hoot, don’t pollute!”

2. Reduce the use of plastics, especially water bottles…its destroying marine life. Use a refillable container for personal water consumption.

3.   Properly dispose of electronics, lithium batteries.

4.  Use non-toxic organic herbicides and pesticides in your garden and around the house.

5. Please do not flush pharmaceuticals down the toilet. They enter clean waters and contaminate them for all living beings.

6. Live in harmony with all living beings. Everyone and Everything has a place.

#wearetheland #respectourmotherearth #redmelanin #allmyrelations


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