RedMelanin:  indigenous healing events for the body and soul

experience exquisite bodywork, featuring (r)evolutionary touch ~ transformative physical and spiritual healing.  loving hands (indigenous touch healing), and diverse cultural touch modalities.  music therapy and mindfulness.  teas and herbs. manifestation rituals and potions.  enhance your life!

enjoy. relax...feel connected. feel better.

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Yvonne Rosegarden, Love Healer

I meet and treat my people on spiritual, physical and emotional levels; addressing dis-comforts soulfully and lovingly with breath, touch, herbs, music, affirmative intent and consciousness. Every healing experience incorporates themes of decolonization, freedom, wellness, oneness,  and love for all our relations.


Here are a few short videos where I discuss the power of healing touch:

Black Indian Heritage - Healing Touch

1LoveCircle HumanTouch Revolution Tour

More on the 1LoveCircle Human Touch Revolution Tour!

Purpose: To provide healing with respect, love, effectiveness, comfort, and compassion.

I consider all of my clients Stars/VIPs, and am fortunate to serve a broad spectrum of society: healers, musicians, bankers, entertainers, spiritual leaders, attorneys, restaurant workers, the corporately-inclined, activists, government workers, the elderly, the young at heart, teachers, coaches, parents, superheroes and more!

  • RedMelanin represents my heritage and cultural composition as well as my healing practices as an Indigenous-Native-Black-American woman (Choctaw, Creole, Chickasaw, African, Saponi), mother, lover, partner, family member, friend, world traveler and muse. I love music! I love to cook, eat, garden, create, read, dance, laugh, share knowledge and healing.

I live in Love, and serve with Love. I help people, animals and plants feel better, do better; to heal. I help bring people together in Love.

I am a Love Healer.

Professional Experiences:  events logistics specialist, agent for commercial actors/models, marketer of professional chefs, international program coordinator for radical black feminism, international community builder/educator, restaurateur, master gardener, medicine woman/massage therapist/healer.

Experience and Enjoy a custom Soul Prescription Journey or custom bodywork session for yourself...you are so worthy!   Contact me, using the contact form, email me, or give a call.  

Have you been referred? Ask me about my "Friend of a Friend" rates. 

I look forward to serving you, SOON!

with love, always,


***Each healing session is secured by a non-refundable $25 booking fee, to be applied to your scheduled appointment. Your appointment is confirmed upon receipt of booking fee.  Please note, full payment is received prior to service.  There is a $15 fee to re-schedule confirmed bookings. All transactions are invoiced and securely serviced through Square.

(r)Evolutionary Touch

  • (r)Evolutionary Touch Therapy ⇔  Healing Touch


positive touch reassures. positive touch nurtures. positive touch comforts. positive touch congratulates.  positive touch protects. positive touch acknowledges.  positive touch is compassion. positive touch releases oxytocin, the love hormone.  positive touch affirms our connection to each other.  positive touch helps us to feel better. 

positive touch is healing.

session of one hour and twenty-five minutes. complimentary consultation required prior to booking. 

enhancements:  Benefits include stress reduction and relaxation. Healing energy flow.  Relief from sore and aching muscles and joints. Detoxification.  A feeling of  confidence and well-being.  

the details:  Aromatherapy, candles,  custom  musical soundtrack, tea,  rose quartz crystal-infused  water.

For your extraordinary personal physical and spiritual experience, contact me!


                                                                      indigenous healing

***Rates are individualized, customized to the needs of the client. Compensation accepted includes currency and trade.

Each healing session is secured by a non-refundable $25 booking fee, to be applied to your scheduled appointment. Your appointment is confirmed upon receipt of booking fee.  There is a $15 fee to re-schedule confirmed bookings. All transactions are invoiced and securely serviced through Square.

Rituals and Ceremonies

Ask me about Body Blessings and life-enhancing  rituals and ceremonies to amplify love, wellness and abundance ♡




                 indigenous healer






1 LoveCircle© botanicals for your body and soulluxurious natural and organic goodness for the entire family. Anoint your body from head to toe with my beautifully handcrafted spa botanicals.

Natural & Organic
Beneficial Properties of 1 LoveCircle Ingredients

Organic Coconut Oil: Anti-aging properties used to soften wrinkles, ad-dress age spots, stretch marks.  Peppermint Essential Oil soothes itchy dry skin, and its antiseptic properties help heal insect bites.  Raw Shea Butter is rich in Vitamins A,E & F which counter effects of aging skin. Containing phytoserols, Shea butter has protectant and skin regenerating benefits.  Lavender Essential Oil helps skin appear more youthful, and treats skin conditions like eczema, dry skin, and hair thinning.  Rosemary Essential Oil: analgesic, aromatizing, peripheral blood circulation stimulating, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and hair-fall preventing properties makes it an outstanding beneficial oil to use cosmetically.  Geranium Essential Oil: sweet-smelling geranium stimulates cell regeneration, is helpful in relieving varicose veins, and ideal for anti-cellulite treatments.  Lemongrass Essential Oil: antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and astringent, Lemongrass helps keep the skin surface clean.  An added bonus is its cellulite-fighting properties!  Grapefruit Essential Oil: skin clean-sing, antiseptic, great for treating oily skin and acne; grapefruit is up-lifting, and stimulating.  Clove Essential Oil: antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, excellent for tooth pain, and dental hygiene.  Mineral Salts helps to eliminate toxins from the skin and soothe tired muscles.

iLOVEmySKIN! body polish #13   Anti-ageing, skin-loving moisturizer. Gentle enough for your face, rich enough for your entire body. Smooth on after shower or bath for skin moisturized, smooth and soft to the touch. Ingredients: organic coconut oil,  raw shea butter,  organic virgin olive oil,  essential oils of skin-loving lavender,  rosemary,  geranium, organic lavender flowers.

No additives, stabilizers or waxes. Body polish will liquefy above temperatures of 70°F (21°C). Refrigerate to      re-solidify.  8 ounces of love….$16.00




iLOVEmyBODY! Sea Salt Body Scrub  SMOOTH and moisturize the body with a relaxing blend of sea salt, mineral salts, organic coconut oil, essential oils of lemongrass, peppermint, geranium, and organic lavender flowers.   Show dry heels and elbows some extra care ~ REVEAL and INVIGORATE beautiful, smooth skin.                    8 ounces of love…. $12.00



SUPA-SMILE! Tooth Polish – All natural & organic non-fluoride formula keeps your teeth so fresh, so clean, breath cool! Bentonite clay, organic virgin coconut oil, kosher salt, organic hemp oil castile soap, essential oils of peppermint, clove, & stevia is the magic mixture that keeps your smile SUPA-FLY! A little dab will do!
1 oz of love….$7.00 



Mindful Community Project

                                                                 Community-Based Education for People

The mindful community project promotes effective leadership skills, positive character development, and community responsibility to people, including under-served youth and adults.

We partner with individuals, community organizations, business, government and educational institutions to deliver sustainable education programs:

♥ The mindful community project: Career and Personal Purpose Training  mindful community circle

♥ Mindfulness Meditation

♥ Community Garden Projects for Home and School

♥ Community Out-Reach Opportunities

♥ MY POWER-GIRL POWER! Learning Experiences

Communities Served in Metro Atlanta:

  • The Agape Center
  • Rockdale School System, Rockdale County, GA
  • Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Academy, Atlanta, GA
  • SisterLove, Inc., Atlanta, GA
  • Georgia State University
  • Metro Atlanta Youth

Communities Served Beyond:

  • The Bermuda Department of Labor, Hamilton, Bermuda
  • San Jose Unified School District, CA

For more information on mindful community projects, please contact me using the form below.