Greetings! I invite you to take a Soul Prescription Journey with me!

Come experience exquisite sacred bodywork featuring (r)Evolutionary touch ~ transformative massage therapies with elements of Swedish massage, loving hands (indigenous touch healing), Thai massage on the table, curanderismo (Mexican folk healing), and Lomi-Lomi  (Hawaiian massage).  Music therapy, mindfulness, and tea enhances the manifestational power of your journey to self-love, relaxation and well-being. Each Soul Prescription Journey is unique to the individual. 

Peace Ceremonies and Events for Groups and Organizations. Positively build and strengthen connections to self, family and community. Contact me for details

Divine Feminine | Divine Masculine Love Healing Sessions (Online): 7 Day Self-Love Ritual and personal support for positive personal transformation. Live your best life starting right now!

I love to share my Soul Prescriptions: organic, specially handcrafted remedies, custom mood musical playlists, and beautiful merch designed to help you #VibrateHigher! Check out my store here.

enjoy  ♥  relax  ♥  feel connected  ♥  feel better

I live in Love, and serve with Love. I help folks feel better, do better; to heal. I help bring people together in Love. I am a Love Healer.

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♥  Here are a few short videos where I discuss the power of healing touch:

Black Indian Heritage - Healing Touch

1LoveCircle HumanTouch Revolution Tour

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